There are lots of resources around the university which will help you to understand your coursework tasks and assignment briefs, including your subject lecturers. We are also here to help if you feel you need a little extra support in getting started.

Watch the video below which gives a brief outline of some of the key features of assignment questions. If you want to learn more, sign up for one of our classes.

Taken from PSE Online Award – Assignment Briefs

What will I learn?

In this lesson, you will:

  • analyse your own assignment brief and identify key instructions (please bring your assignment brief to class);
  • look at your marking criteria and identify what is needed to pass the assignment;
  • Starting thinking about your approach to responding to your assignment brief and strategies for planning your time.

What will I need in the lesson?

In the lesson, you should ensure you can access your:

  • Assignment Brief
  • Module Information Directory (MID) or Module Guide
  • Marking criteria and reading list (if separate from MID)
  • Course resources on Aula

Is this lesson suitable for me and my level of study?

This lesson is suitable for you if:

  • you are a student studying at undergraduate, masters level;
  • you have been set an assignment and need support in getting started.

For students who are familiar with UK HE, but who need help with referencing and more detailed research using CU Locate, you may find the workshops and support offered by the library to be more suitable for your needs.

We are currently running sessions on the dates below:

11/11/20 @ 2:00pm – 4:00pm

17/11/20 @ 10:00am – 12:00pm

26/11/20 @ 10:00am – 12:00pm