Presentations are multidimensional, requiring you to create develop the content, verbally present that content in a well-structured and coherent way and produce supporting visuals.

Watch the video below outlining how to approach your visuals. If you need more support with structuring and delivering your presentation, sign up for our class below.

What will I learn?

In this lesson, you will:

  • explore features of successful presentations;
  • identify effective methods of delivering a successful online presentation;
  • learn about the technology you could use to record yourself so that you can analyse and improve your performance.

What will I need in the lesson?

In the lesson, you should ensure you can access your:

  • Presentation assignment brief
  • Module Information Directory (MID) or Module Guide
  • Course resources on Aula

Is this lesson suitable for me and my level of study?

This lesson is suitable for you if you have been tasked with delivering a presentation on your course.

November 4th

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