The Reading Test – Questions 5-9

Watch the video below to see an example of the sentence level questions in each section of the reading test. The sentence level questions are questions 5-9 in each section of the test.

The tutor will show you how to answer the sentence level questions in each section using the practice test. Take notes as you listen and then try to answer the questions below using your notes and the skills you have learned.

Task: Use your understanding of each paragraph to help you find the information and and answer the questions below.

A guide to developing your digital presence

A. Recent research suggests that there are over 2.3 billion active social media users globally. However, social media can be used for so much more than posting selfies or catching up with the latest gossip. Did you know that employers also use social media to find out more about potential employees? This guide will show you how to increase your chances of getting a job by enhancing your professional profile with social media.

B. Employers use various social media platforms in their recruitment campaigns, so it is important that you are aware of all of the different ones so you do not miss out on a job opportunity. Positions are advertised on platforms such as Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook as well as through the company’s website and external recruitment agencies. Employers usually have one or two platforms that they prefer, so you should check all of the different platforms regularly to keep updated.

C. Check your settings to make sure your private accounts stay private. Many recruiters will check your profile before making a hiring decision so it is important that they can only see what you want them to see. Photographs of you and your friends together on social occasions, or embarrassing pictures of you as a child should usually be kept private. Pictures of you in your new work suit, or receiving an award can be made public to make sure your potential employers only see the best side of you.

D. Even though there are reasons to be cautious, employers like to see websites illustrating your work or a professional LinkedIn account. You should try to make sure all of your most important achievements and work are recorded on your social media accounts to make sure employers see what you are capable of.

E. Make sure you are consistent across all of your social media accounts. For example, if you write on Facebook that you are a business expert with years of experience but your LinkedIn account shows you only have 2 weeks of experience in business, employers will quickly become suspicious of your claims and think negatively about you.

F. Try to keep your opinions to yourself. Whilst it is okay to discuss sensitive issues with your friends and family, posting on social media about these topics could turn employers against you. Companies do not want to offend, so make sure your social media posts that are visible to them do not support controversial issues that others may not agree with.

G. Use social media to quickly find information about companies and industry news. It is an excellent way to do your research before an interview, especially if you use a variety of platforms to get a balanced view. Use a company’s social media account to find out what issues they think are important so you can make sure you mention these in your interview.

H. It is still essential to stick to these tips even once you become employed. Work can be frustrating at times, whether it is your colleagues, a stressful project or the general nature of your work. Whatever the reason, do not vent your frustrations on social media. There have been many instances when employees have used social media inappropriately and have been warned about what they posted or even fired as a consequence. When you are employed, you represent that company, whether it is in work time or not. Avoid bringing work issues into your social media profiles.


Adapted for test purposes from Coventry University. (2019). A guide to developing your digital presence [Brochure]. Coventry University.

Task: Use the tips from the video to help you answer questions 5-9 – True/False/Not Given. Click the blue right arrow to answer the next question. Click ‘Finish’ when you have answered all 5 questions to see your results.

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