Task One of the Writing Test

In task one of the writing test you will be asked to describe something and are given 4 points to cover in your answer. 

Task: How much can you remember about the writing section of the CUET test? Drag the words into the correct boxes.

Task: Read the example task one question below and identify the key words in the question.

Task One

Choose something that happened in your life that made you feel happy. Write about the following 4 points: 

  1. Describe the event that made you happy 
  1. Explain why you felt happy about it 
  1. Describe why the event was important to you 
  1. Describe what you did during the event 

Task: Read the example response below.

Do you think this is a good answer to the question?

Example answer 

I apply to study at the university and I am applying for a lot of universities and then I get accepted by the best university for meThis can make be happy but my friends do not go to university and prefer to work in a job. I think it is good to work in a job to find money and get experience but for me I want to go and study at university to learn more about my study. So, working is good but study at university makes me a lot more happier 

Task: Look at the descriptors below that show you how to write a good answer.

Do you think the example answer above follows all of the points?

The example is not a good answer for the question. The example above is too short and does not cover all of the points in the question. The example has poor grammar and spelling mistakes and does not use linking words to organise the answer. The example does not have clear paragraphs with a clear topic for each paragraph.

Task: Try to write your own answer to the question below. Try to:

Organise your writing into paragraphs and include information related to all of the points in the question.

Check your writing for grammar and spelling mistakes.

When you are finished click ‘check’ and then ‘show solution’ to see a good example.

Compare the good example against your own to reflect on your answer.

Well done! Now let’s look at task 2 of the writing test 😁