Watch the video to learn about what journal articles are and how they are typically structured. If you feel you still need support in navigating and using journal articles, sign up for the class below.

What will I learn?

In this lesson, you will:

  • identify your purpose for reading journal articles;
  • learn how to navigate journal articles in order to quickly locate the key information you need, according to your purpose;
  • identify key information in journal articles, including aims, results, methods and limitations, as well as author attitude towards their own and other’s research.

What will I need in the lesson?

In the lesson, you should ensure you can access:

  • a journal article relevant to your studies or are able to find one via CU Locate;
  • your reading list, usually in your Module Information Directory (MID) or Module Guide;
  • your course resources on Aula.

Is this lesson suitable for me and my level of study?

This lesson is suitable for you if you read journal articles on your degree course, usually at UG year 3 or PG courses.