The CUET: Overview

How much do you know about the Coventry University English Test?

Did you know the Coventry University English Test is usually called the ‘CUET‘?

Task: Do you know the answers to the following questions?

– How many parts does the test have?

– How long is each part of the test?

– What do you have to do in each part of the test?

Task: Watch the video below and try to check your answers for the questions above.

Task: Watch the video below to start learning about the online version of the Coventry University English Test.

What is the CUET online? Learn about the process for taking your test online.

Task: Watch the video below and learn how to start your test. Learn about how to log in to the platform, select your test and pass your identity check.

Task: Answer the questions below to check your understanding of the CUET. (You can watch the video again if you’re not sure 😁).

Guide for Test Takers

Task: Read through the guide for Online Test Takers and take note of the important details.

Well done 🤗 Now let’s move to the next part.