In addition to learning new vocabulary through various sources, you can also ‘form’ new words and combine them using different techniques. One technique is adding prefixes and suffixes to base words. This technique helps you develop the range of your vocabulary and add depth to the way you use words.


A prefix (pre + fix) is a small word that can be added to the beginning of a base word. Prefixes change meaning and also make different parts of speech.

Look at the table below and notice how prefixes make new words.

Task: Can you think of any other words made in this way?

Task: Match the words below to the correct prefixes.


Suffixes are small words added to the end of base words in order to change their meanings and also make new parts of speech.

You can see a number of common suffixes in the table below.

Task: Can you add more words to the table?

Task: Practice suffixes here.

To learn more about prefixes and suffixes and for extra practice, click here.